~Umberto Xanluchekettu commented on Dec 2, 2013

Re: XPages & DB2

Cristian, sorry that you had an issue. Configurations/setup are usually harder to figure out than the code itself!

~Phil Nonkiberg commented on Nov 28, 2013

Re: XPages & DB2

For some reason, the demo was not working, although I followed carefully the instructions for the environment setup.

From the log I could see it was about some security issue...

After some research I change step 5 from the setup, to allow ANY java code to do anything (PLEASE, ONLY DEV ENVIRONMENT):

I added this line:

grant { permission java.security.AllPermission; };

to to end of file "security.policy" and restarted the Notes clients (designer, notes, ...).

I run the preview for "people" xpage and all is fine now.

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